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For clients looking to hire

  • We deliver a uniquely-specialised recruitment service for clients looking to hire new risk professionals. We have worked in risk for more than 25 years combined, and ensure that requirements from our clients are fulfilled with the right risk people for the role.

  • We recruit for all types & level of position: VP of Risk, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Director of Risk, Head of Risk, risk managers, risk analysts, graduate/trainees, and risk software sales roles

  • Like many businesses, we work across borders, and recruit on a global basis.

  • We identify and attract applicants through our extensive network of connections and job adverts, or we can headhunt the perfect candidate for your needs.

  • We undertake a rigorous screening & shortlisting process on your behalf, and can run psychometric-, or other tests as required.

  • We recruit for both permanent and contract positions.

  • We will comprehensively map out your requirement and will ensure that any candidates sent to you will be right for the role. We believe in quality over quantity, and that our job is to make things easier for our clients.  

  • You’ll have a single named contact who will work with you throughout the process, ensuring direct and consistent lines of communication.

  • We take the time to build strong, long-lasting relationships with candidates. We only propose people when they’re absolutely right for your role.

  • We prefer to work on an exclusive and retained basis. We find this supports a genuine partnership and commitment to shared goals.

  • All placements are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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