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The Ferryfield Group provides specialist services for clients in the field of risk.

Our business is broken down into four key areas: recruitment, training, consulting, and software advisory. 

We have more than 25 years of combined experience working with clients in the fields of risk management, quantitative risk analysis,

software & new business development. We are experts in Monte Carlo simulation and have extensive experience incorporating

uncertainty into spreadsheets, and advising clients how to build probabilistic (stochastic) models

Headquartered in London, UK, we have partnership agreements with consultants in the Americas,

Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, meaning we are a truly global presence.

Done Deal


We provide global risk recruitment services for candidates seeking a new role, and for organisations searching for new risk professionals to join their team. Whether you’re a program director looking for a new project risk manager, a risk salesperson looking to find a new home, or a company in need of a new CRO, we can assist.


Our experts can build or audit @RISK, ModelRisk, or Crystal Ball models for you, help implement a new risk framework or select & deliver the right tools for your project, program, or organisation. We can run sensitivity analysis on cost or financial models to eliminate model risk & give you confidence in your outputs. We can also provide strategic consultancy services to software companies wishing to expand their footprint geographically.

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We can deliver training courses on quantitative modelling & risk analysis that are tailored to your requirements, using any industry-standard tool (@RISK, ModelRisk etc.) Bespoke training courses can be delivered on enterprise risk management (ERM), project/portfolio risk analysis, financial modelling, and sensitivity analysis. We have delivered training courses to clients in oil & gas, construction, pharmaceutical, utilities, engineering, finance, aerospace & defence, manufacturing, and many more.


We provide a risk software advisory service to companies looking to understand what tool(s) to select, and how best to roll out a new risk solution into their business or project.

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