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Founding partners, Craig Ferri, the clean shaven, smart one; and Doug Oldfield, the scruffier, bearded one, first worked together at Palisade, the makers of the @RISK software.

Craig joined Palisade in 2003, after previously working in marketing positions in networking & bioinformatics. During his 16 years at Palisade, as Managing Director of the European operations initially, Craig oversaw the successful expansion of the business into Africa, India, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. A key member of the Palisade global leadership team, Craig was responsible for the strategic expansion plans of the organisation. After leaving Palisade, he worked on a consultancy basis for InPhase, a performance management software company, and riskHive, working on their strategy and business development.

Doug joined Palisade from a recruitment company called Montreal Associates, which specialised in ERP recruitment. He was responsible for taking a non-existent sales territory - the Middle East - and growing it into one of the most successful regions for the organisation, as well as stints looking after Africa, India, and the UK. After leaving Palisade, Doug spent a short time working at the same performance management software company as Craig, before realising his heart was still very much in risk management. He then joined riskHive as their Head of Sales & Business Development, with a particular focus on the Middle East.

With more than 25 years combined experience in the field of risk, they set up The Ferryfield Group in order to provide services to clients based on their areas of expertise: recruitment, consulting, training & software. 

They both passionately believe that relationships are the single most important thing that businesses need to nurture, and that ideal is enshrined within the business values of The Ferryfield Group. An organisation's staff should always be their biggest asset, and should be treated as such. Clients & potential clients should be treated with respect and transparency.

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