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For candidates looking for a new role

  • We recruit for all types & level of position: VP of Risk, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Director of Risk, Head of Risk, risk managers, risk analysts, graduate/trainees, and risk software sales roles.

  • We recruit for permanent and contract positions.

  • We understand the risk space and we will understand where you fit into that.

  • Like many businesses, we work across borders, and recruit on a global basis. We will be able to advise on what to expect from working in a new country, and will usually be able to arrange informational calls with expats working in that country to help you understand what to expect.

  • We won’t flatter you with unrealistic opportunities or insult you with roles that are too junior for your level of experience & expertise.

  • We will not waste your time with nonsense placements that do not exist, just to capture your details, or extract information from you.

  • We know that looking for work can be time-consuming and demoralising at times. We recognise that a lot of effort goes into applications and have a commitment to respond to all applicants, successful or not.

  • You’ll have a single named contact who will work with you throughout the process, ensuring direct and consistent lines of communication.

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